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Change to Ford Motor Company's Global E-Commerce (GEC) Hub

Important GEC Communications
Posted ( Monday, February 22, 2016 ) -- Website Upgrade Complete.

What is GEC Hub?

The Global Electronic Commerce Hub or GEC Hub is a central hub that is used for the exchange of documents or messages between Ford applications and external entities. External documents and messages pertain to primarily Electronic Data Interchange or EDI. The GEC Hub supports a variety of EDI standards including ANSI X12 and UN/EDIFACT.

Please read the following learning material to expand your knowledge and understanding of EDI and GEC Hub:
A Day in the Life of EDI The GEC Hub Project

Message Routing & Delivery

Ford applications typically send GEC Hub messages in the Common Internal Format or CIF. GEC Hub uses predefined mappings to translate the CIF messages into the appropriate X12 or EDIFACT EDI standard. The reverse process occurs when external entities send data to Ford. The diagram below shows typical GEC Hub EDI message flow:

Direct Mailbox

Sometimes messages do not require any transformation. In this scenario, the sending application can deposit the message into the intended recipient's mailbox directly without making use of GEC Hub's routing or transformation engine.

Web Access Module (WAM)

GEC Hub users can create, send, review, and delete data via the Web Access Module.

    EDI Data with WAM
    • GEC Hub system administrators can create HTML forms to facilitate the entry of EDI data by designated trading partners. HTML forms are not the recommended approach to capturing EDI data; however, it is available for low volume suppliers.
    Send EDI and Non-EDI Data with WAM
    • External trading partners (i.e. suppliers and dealers) can browse their local file stores to manually select and upload data for transmission to Ford trading partners.

Note: For European suppliers working with the Ford CMMS application, please utilize eDDL as a solution instead of WAM.

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